A. The Levitical Priesthood has a Role regarding the Calendar

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According to the law of Moses certain activities related to the calendar are required to be performed by the Levitical priesthood. Specifically, at the beginning of each month, in the context of Num 10:1-10, notice the following activity of the priesthood.

Num 10:8, “And Aaron's sons, the priests, shall blow with [the two silver] trumpets.”
Num 10:10, “And on [the] day of your gladness, and on your appointedtimes [4150 moed], and on the beginnings of your months [2320 chodesh], you shall blow with [the two silver] trumpets over your burnt offerings and over [the] sacrifices of your peace offerings, and they shall be to you for a memorial before your Almighty; I am YHWH your Almighty.”

A partial summary of this requirement from the law of Moses is that two priests (from Aaron and his seed) were to blow two trumpets on the first day of each month, thus giving the priests a role of significance in regard to the start of the calendric unit of time called a month [2320 chodesh]. In a later chapter these Scriptures will be discussed in depth beginning with Num 10:1. At this time the question being addressed is whether this calendric activity of the priesthood stems from the authority given to the priesthood itself or from some other human authority such as a king or a Sanhedrin.